Danger of pergola collapsing

Pergola in danger of collapsing.  This rotting pergola was located directly above a children’s play area and could collapse at any time!  QBIS.

This serious was was indentified in a building inspection report, alerting the home owner to the danger then alleviated.

Danger of pergola structure collapsing

Exposed timber pergola that is rotting.

If this pergola collapses it could potentially cause serious injury or worse to anyone below. An economical recommendation was to have the structure remove immediately before it presented a safety risk.

Pergola structure in danger of collapsing

Correct construction of pergola to avoid danger of collapse:

  • The post must be located directly below beam junctions.
  • The support beams should have been checked into the post, so as not to rely solely on bolts that will rust.

A checkout creates a shoulder for the beams to rest upon even when the bolts rust they will still be supported.

Dangerous construction of pergola.

Other side of the joint junction showing rot, also to end of a rafter.

What you need to know about pergola’s.

Open timber structures serve no practical purpose when they have no roof sheeting attached over them for protection. Shade-cloth allows for very little protection and traps moisture that accelerates rotting of the timber.

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