Overloaded stormwater system.

Overloaded stormwater system.  QBISThe following photos show too many down-pipes from the roof gutters connected to one storm-water pipe. This most commonly occurs when fall of the land is down from the street towards rear of the property.

Overloading a storm water system

The only effective ways to help eliminate this problem is to fit additional storm-water pipes. Alternatively, run them through the lower neighboring property and to lower level of the next street.

Stormwater system overloaded

Overloaded stormwater system

Important points:

  • An overloaded storm water system can (in most cases) be easily avoided by fitting more also larger storm- pipes and (where possible) direct them to the street.
  • In some circumstances it may be worth contacting your lower side neighbour for permission to run the storm-water pipes through their property and to the street on their lower side. This can be beneficial to the neighbour by diverting run-off water to where it won’t cause problems.
  • It’s worth contacting your local Council if you have any doubts about you responsibility regarding stormwater systems.
  • Although not very affective and not recommended. A rubble pit may be required by your local Council.

Some information that may be of use

Qld Government Complaints/stormwater/runoff/drainage

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