Non compliant apartment unit, in Toowong a Western suburb of Brisbane

Non compliant apartment unit. Identified by Peter Weddell owner/operator of Qld Home Buyers Inspection Service.

Non compliant ceiling height of apartment unit

Ceiling height of this room was under the building code requirements for a bedroom.

The ceiling height of this room at 2.238 metres is at least 162 mm under the Australian building code requirements of 2.400 metres for use as a habitable room.

Non compliant ceiling height of a unit

Laser reading showing height under 2.4 metres.

Important points:

  • This relatively new unit in a large complex was advertised by the selling agent as a two bedroom unit, when in fact it is only compliant with the local building code and Council requirements as a one bedroom unit.

The nature and seriousness of this problem may potentially hinder a future resale and possibly affect the selling price, considerably!

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