How an illegal bedroom in a new apartment can potentially affect a resale.

New apartment with illegal bedroom. QBIS

Apartment with illegal bedroom

Non-compliant bedroom of a unit.

  • Ceiling height being too low and not complying with Council building code requirements. Ceiling height of habitable areas must be at least 2.4metres.
  • No fixed ventilation from exterior of the building.

Important points:

  • Advertising brochure listed as legal bedroom.
  • Did not meet the building code requirements for use as habitable room.
  • Room was located in an area with no possibility of achieving  direct light and ventilation to the exterior
  • Misrepresentation may seem pedantic to mention in a report, until a buyer decides to sell.

Illegal bedroom and insurance cover.

Anything being used for other than its Council approved purpose may not be covered by insurance, if a claim is made. Always disclose with your insurer anything that you maybe aware of that can potentially jeopardise a claim. This allows your insurer the opportunity to inform you what they will or will not cover, beforehand.

Relevent information that may help.

Govt: ABCB Required height of rooms

Consider the implications down the track. If you are paying for a three bedroom unit and getting one bedroom less for your money how do you think it would affect your resale!

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