Design faults with new Unit construction.

New Unit construction design faults. QBIS.

New unit, that has never been occupied.


  • No flashing or awning above window will allow seepage and rot to occur.
  • Architraves around window without proper flashing for protection will rot.
  • This is a very common problem, but poor building practice, in new buildings.

The following photos show the importance of your inspector accessing common property around a unit complex (where possible, without entering private property). Also the importance of photos to avoid arguments from others that may have a vested interest in the sale.

New Unit construction design faults 1

Close-up of previous photo showing gap between external wall cladding which will allow seepage, also an architrave with no flashing above it.

New Unit construction design faults 2

Close-up of gap between external wall cladding showing untreated exposed softwood wall frame that will rot.

New Unit construction design faults 3

Movement problem:

Crack to external brick wall of a recently built unit in Coorparoo, that has never been occupied. With a new building, what do you think of the possibility of further movement occurring? Far greater than it not, is it worth the risk?


Another crack to external wall of the same building.

New Unit construction design faults. Important notes:

  • Although some cracks can be attributed to brick growth, slab movement also different rates of expansion and contraction between different materials.
  • No one can determine with 100% degree of accuracy the exact cause of the movement.
  • Movement to a new building as opposed to an older building (that has stood the test of time) could prove to be a risky decision.

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