Movement of building affecting units in a complex

How movement of unit building can affect an owner. QBIS.

Some examples showing how important it is for building inspectors checking the outside of a unit complex including the unit itself.


Access to exterior of a unit building access is important for building inspectors to identify movement.

Importance of access:

  • Any building inspector that is not prepared to look at the building exterior would miss this serious problem.
  • These photos show the importance of access that must be gained by any building inspection company you may employ.
  • The use of photos will help a buyer achieve a better understanding as to the severity from a visual aspect, that text alone cannot do.


Cover-up of movement to interior of a unit.

Extensive movement to interior of the unit since repainting and patching, this indicates that the movement has not stopped and has a high probability of continuing. This problem must be alerted by a building inspector and to a buyer.

Don’t be conned by lazy building inspectors that are not prepared to look at the exterior of a unit building.

  • The majority of building inspectors rely upon Body Corporate searches to do the work for them.
  • Body Corporate records will only identify what has been brought to their attention.

What you need to know about unit owners/tenants opinion also body corporate searches and results.

  • Tenants, owners and Body Corporate are rarily builders, don’t rely upon them for their opinion.
  • Owners and tenants are not Building inspectors and are not likely to identify problems a competant Buiding inspector will pick up.

Although body corporate searches are essential, never rely upon the search results only without also employing a building inspector.

Before employing a building inspector to check a unit for you to buy.

  • Ask if your inspector looks at any areas around the building that can easily be accessed. Don’t waste your money using them if they don’t!
  • Request photos for proof of access also to allow you to gain a better understanding of the problems, whether serious or not.

Do not lose sight of the fact that you may be part owner of the complex and a portion of rectification cost will come out of your pocket. 

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