Learn about metal tile roof damage and more suitable alternatives

Damage to metal tile roof cladding. A roof with extensive surface deterioration, possibly caused by damage from hail over the years. QBIS

Damage to metal tile roof

Severe damage to a metal tiled roof.

Some damage caused by age and most likely from hail damage over many years. This type sheeting is very thin and also prone to damage from anyone that may access the roof. Metal tiles are known for consistent leaking. It would be more economical to have it replaced than repaired.

Advantages and disadvantages of alternatives to metal tile roofs.

  • Corrugated zincalume roof sheeting. Cheap and effective.
  • Colorbond roof sheeting. Oxidizes, loses its coating over time, mildew and moss form on it.
  • Concrete tiled roof. Requires restructuring, expensive, less water tight than metal roof sheets.

All metal roofs are prone to being damaged from hail.

Things to consider when replacing a metal tile roof.

  • The roof must be properly secured to avoid possible uplift in a storm.
  • Have a blanket of insulation with building paper fitted below the new roof sheeting.
  • Fit additional insulation to areas of the ceilings that cannot be accessed later.