Leaking roofs causing damage and what to look for.

Leaking roof valley damage. Learn how roofs leaking causing damage can be fixed. 

Roofs leaking causing damage

Roofs leaking causing damage

Leaking roof causing damage to a newly built house.

  • Consistent leaking from a roof valley to a 5 year old house causing rot to some roofing timber and part of the roof truss.
  • Although valleys are a very common point of water entry, this should not be happening in a 5 year old building.


  • Further leaking can usually be stopped by bedding of the valley tiles (tiled roof) or fitting additional flashing (metal roof).

Common areas for roof leaking to occur.

  • Box gutters.
  • Spinning roof vents.
  • Skylights.
  • Dome-lights.
  • Dormer windows.
  • Split level sections.
  • Vent pipes.
  • Roof tiles.
  • Flashings.
  • Roofs with no eaves.

Anything that extends through a roof.

What you need to know about roofs and leaking.

  • Never lose sight of the fact that every roof will leak at some stages, taking into consideration the severity of some storms.
  • Generally, consistent leaking is what causes serious problems, over a long period of time, but sometimes from a huge deluge of rain.
  • Exact source of leaking is often difficult or impossible to determine, unless observing at the time of leaking during a storm.
  • In some cases the source can easily be identified by checking the roof exterior then the roof interio.

Unfortunately it is often a case of trial and error to determine if a roof leak has been stopped.

What to do to avoid damage occurring from roofs.

  • Roof’s must be checked on a regular basis by a qualified person for maintenance, especially after a storm.
  • It is also important to check your ceiling linings for sagging and have them resecured or if necessary, replaced.

Warning about some roof restoration companies and their claims.

  • Watch out for companies or individuals trying to sell you their products.
  • Restoration of a roof cannot be 100% guaranteed against roof leaking.
  • Read their disclaimers.
  • Often their limited warranty is voided if someone has been on the roof to check it out, read the fine print!

I would recommend contacting a qualified roofing plumber or a roof tiler. 

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