Leaking from a veranda occuring in a storm.

Why leaking from a veranda is occuring and how it can be fixed. QBIS

Cause of leaking is most often from absence of flashings where the veranda is attached to a house. This is a common omission with many builders.

leaking from a veranda

No flashings fitted where this veranda is attached to the house.

In driving rain, this will allow seepage to occur from the veranda through to the lower living area and potentially cause damage to concealed framing also internal linings. This is a very common fault!

leaking from a veranda

How to stop leaking from a veranda:

In most cases leaking can be eliminated by fitting flashing’s to junction of the veranda and external walls.

  • Remove flooring to allow flashing to be properly fitted.
  • Fit weather-boards over the exposed frame also covering flashing.

If the flashings are correctly installed, this method will stop driving rain to the lower living areas.