Internet property buying scams.

Internet property buying scams. QBISPhoto above, showing brick piers that have moved causing undulation to the inside floor and external walls.

Some excellent examples of how buying a property over the internet and relying on agents photos can be a costly mistake.

Without professional advice from someone totally independent of agents, like Peter Weddell that will give you an unbiased opinion and comprehensive report to help you avoid being a scam victim.

Internet property buying and scams

Rotting architraves around windows without appropriate flashing’s fitted.

Scams of internet property buying

Loose electrical wires unprofessionally fitted and potentially dangerous.

Stump movement causing sagging of bearers also undulation of the floor.

Rotting timber flooring from leaking of the bathroom above.

Termite damage to timber bridging the ant-capping.

Important note: 

None of the above problems were identified by the agents inspector!

Some information that may be of use:

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