Incorrect installation of a bath and shower base and how to have them corrected.

Problems incorrect installation of bath-shower can cause over short and long term. QBIS.

When installing a shower tray or bath (with shower above) where they meet the walls must be fitted correctly to avoid seepage and rot occuring to the walls and floor. 

Incorrect installation of bath-shower 1

Incorrect installation of a bath with shower outlet.

When installing a bath and shower, the wall tiles must extend into the side and rear lips to avoid seepage and rot to the walls and floor. Or in a two storey buildng, damage to the ceiling linings below.

Incorrect installation of bath-shower 2

Incorrect installation of a shower tray.

The shower tray must be recessed into the walls. Wall tiles must extend into lips of both sides to avoid seepage and rot occuring to the walls and floor.

Incorrect installation of bath-shower 3

Damage caused by incorrect installation of a bath-shower. 

This photo shows leaking to the floor below. Although leaking has not caused significant rot at this stage. The bath above must be removed and refitted correctly to avoid further timber rot. The same problem would be for an incorrectly fitted shower base/tray.

How to correctly install a bath-shower or shower base/tray:

Either a bath or shower base/tray would have to be removed then refitted by recessing into the walls. Wall sheeting would then be fitted and extend down into edge lips of the bath or shower base. Application of waterproofing then fitting of wall tiles. If correctly done this would achieve a proper seal.

What you should know about incorrect installation of bath-showers.

Improper bath-shower installation, are usually fitted by inexperienced tradespeople or DIY.

It pays dividends to research anyone you are employing to carry out costly renovations.

Otherwise you can be up for the cost of doing a renovation, twice!

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