Learn how inadequate roof truss support can be potentially dangerous.

Dangerous inadequate roof truss support. QBIS.

Dangerous inadequate roof support 1

Wrong method of support:

This is not the correct way to support and secure roof trusses at the junction of a hipped roof.

  • Top chords of the hip trusses should have extended over the supporting truncated/girder truss.
  • Bottom chord of the truncated roof truss has a large knot in it (nearest the electric cable). This may cause a weak point and possible fracture.

Correct supporting method:

Here are two examples of how the hip trusses should have been constructed.

As you can see the hips are supported by truncated/girder trusses. This method of construction is a much better design as the roof load is more evenly distributed with no fear of collapse.

Dangerous inadequate roof truss support. Important notes:

The supporting roof truss should also have been correctly reinforced.

I have seen this method of roof construction fail, causing the trusses to drop through the ceiling lining of a relatively new house. After it was inspected by another building inspection company!

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