How a bath-shower combination were improperly installed.

Problems a improper installation of bath-shower can cause. QBIS.

Although not a common fault, seepage will occur from this incorrect installation that is likely to rot concealed walls if it is not removed and properly refitted.

Reasons for improper installation of bath-shower.

  • A platform shelf has been created around the bath that will allow seepage and rot to occur.
  • Impossible to keep sealed, even if water-proofing has been fitted to its perimeter
  • Water-proofing is most likely to crack, from different rates of expansion and contraction between the different materials.

Improper bath and shower installation

Another example of improper installation of a bath-shower with a shower outlet above.

Water will seep through the shelf created between the bath and wall, which will in turn cause rot to floor and walls. Sealant will only be a temporary fix to this incorrectly fitted bath.

How to fix a improperly installed bath-shower.

  • Wall tiles, sheeting, bath must be removed.
  • Recess bath into walls. If necessary build walls out to achieve this.
  • Resheet.
  • Apply approved waterproofing.
  • Fit tiles down into all edge lips of the bath.

This is a practical long term method of installation.

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