Importance of roof maintenance.

Importance of roof maintenance. Lead flashing to this split level section of a roof covers the tiles sufficiently. But the side laps do not have enough cover which is causing leaking in this location. QBIS.

roof maintenance

Close observation to the lap of the flashing shows insufficient cover to its side.


The box gutter situated at the bottom of these roof tiles had overflowed consistently causing rot to part of the patio roof frame below.

roof maintenance 2


  • Fit flashing below the lower section of the bottom tiles and extend it over the box gutter and down onto the roof sheeting.
  • This will eliminate the need for the box gutter by allowing the water to flow directly from the tiles down onto the lower roof.


This lead flashing must extend over the highest point of the roof tiles and down into the lower sections. Otherwise seepage will cause rot to the timber roof frame and possible damage to the ceiling.


  • Remove the existing flashing and fit a new flashing that are sufficient in heir dimension to cover the required areas.

Importance of roof maintenance

  • Some suggestions that may help you better understand how important it is to maintain your roof.
  • Never attempt to gain access to your roof without the correct safety procedures.
  • If in doubt employ a professional that is covered by insurance.

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