How hail damage can potentially affect home owners and buyers.

Learn about a hail damaged roof and how it can affect you. QBIS.

Above photo is of hail damaged roof that was checked by an insurance assessor also roofing contractor that both missed damage and therefore initially denied an insurance claim. Their decision was reversed after a building inspection by Peter Weddell with photos of damage.

Roof that has been damaged from hail

Hail damaged roof:

The following photos show the extent of hail damage to a roof that was easily accessible from the ground level with a 3.6 metre ladder. This shows the importance of employing a building inspector that is experienced and prepared to do a thorough inspection. These photos save the home owner the expense of having the roof replaced.

How photos were used to save home owner roof replacement expense:

Roof was inspected by insurance assessor and qualified roofing contractor, results:

  • No hail damage to roof, therefore no legitimate insurance claim.
  • Roof was in such a poor state the insurance company would not cover any claims associated with the roof unless the owner had it repaired at her expense.

Huge saving for home owner from building inspection:

Armed with detailed inspection report backed up with photos for proof of hail damage, the home owner re-approached insurer. Same assessor, different roofing contractor with different results: the roof has extensive hail damage. The roof was replaced by the insurance company at their expense with guarantees. Approximately $40,000 saving!

How a hail damaged roof can affect home buyers.

If hail damage is identified by your building inspector you are unlikely to be able to make a future claim as it would be considered pre-existing damage.

The current owner may make a claim, but this is unlikely to be achieved in the usual time frame of a property sale.

Be made aware of damaged roofs:

These are good examples showing how important it is that your inspector accesses the roof and takes photos to ensure this costly replacement does not come at your expense.

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