Poor design of guttering causing rot to roof framing, of a home in Westlake, South West of Brisbane.

Gutter design causing rot, identified by Peter Weddell owner/operator of Qld Home Buyers Inspection Service 

Roof gutters without eaves are not good building practice. Examples of problems resulting from this bad design are in the following photos.

Gutter design causing rotting of roof frame

Wrong choice of gutter:

Contributing to the problem was the front edge of the roof gutter being higher than the back edge. Small slots were positioned just below the front edge bead to allow excess water to escape when the down-pipes are insufficient to cope in severe weather conditions.

Unfortunately the slots were far too small to be of any benefit.

This photo shows back of the metal fascia where water had been cascading over back of the gutter and metal fascia into the wall cavity.

In most cases this will not cause problems, but in this particular circumstance flashing incorporated within the wall (above a lower level window) was allowing water to enter a bedroom at a lower level.

Gutter design causing rot to roof truss

This example shows that consistent overflowing of water from back of the gutter has caused rot to the tail end of the roof truss (top chord).

Gutter design causing rot

Important point:

Always consider the practical advantages of including eaves when having your building designed.

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