Flooding effects around Brisbane.

Flooding effects around Brisbane. QBIS.

Here are a few examples of flooding.

  • Predominantly, severe circumstances that have occurred in the late 1800’s, 1974 and more recently in 2011 & 2013.
  • Another type is localized flooding that occurs much more often and possibly on a number of occasions within a year.

This photo is an example in the latter category as indicated by the water shadow line on the concrete stumps. The property is in the Nundah area, a low lying north east suburb of Brisbane and as you an see by the photo, it floods often.

Potential causes of local flooding:

  • Flooding of a nearby creek.
  • Inadequate street drainage (or blocking).
  • Overland water runoff from neighbouring properties.
  • Surface water not being able to exit from the property quickly enough.
  • Trapping of water on a property due to fencing and/or other obstacles.
  • Fall of the land causing water to accumulate.
  • Being in a gully.

Effects flooding has on properties, buildings and owners

  • Movement of buildings.
  • Damage to precious items.
  • Limit or stop access to a property.
  • Disruption.
  • Physical damage to buildings.

Flooding of any sort, can cause movement of buildings to varying degrees. This is often dependant upon the period of time flooding has occurred also the type of soil.

Effects of flooding around brisbane

Water marks on a concrete stump indicating frequent flooding.

Doesn’t matter too much what the cases may be, the main concern is that it happens way too often and when least expected!

Always make sure your property has sufficient drainage, fall also is kept clear of obtacles.

Flooding effects around Brisbane, more information:

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