Fire Danger within roof, of a Norman Park home, an Eastern suburb of Brisbane,

Fire Danger within roof, identified by Peter Weddell, owner/operator of Qld Home Buyers Inspection Service and Queensland Building Inspection Service, QBIS.

Roof fire danger

Potential fire danger problem:

Insulation has accumulated around electrical fittings within this roof, this is very dangerous and can cause potential fire hazards. Insulation must be clear of all electrical fittings and installations.

Fire Danger in roof

Recommended rectification:

Some examples of how to avoid a potential fire hazard from occurring.

  • Insulation has been cleared away from the down-light and its transformer.
  • A large plastic shroud has also been fitted and secured to the ceiling plaster.
  • This will help stop insulation from accumulating around electrical fittings.
  • Also ensure the protective cowling is secured to the ceiling lining with silicone to avoid it from being dislodged.

Fire Danger within roof. Important notes:

  • Tops of the shrouds must not be covered.
  • Have them periodically checked to ensure they are clear of any insulation that may have blown within.
  • Refit and re-secure any that may have become dislodged.


  • Use a large plastic bucket as a shroud with its bottom fully cut out.
  • Never use silver foil building paper, they easily become damaged and trap heat. 

Relevant information:

Qld Government worksafe prevention safety alerts on installing ceiling insulation

The risks
Prior to installation
To stay safe do the following before the installation work start:
Before you enter the roof cavity to start the installation
During installation
While installing the insulation
After installation
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