Unsuspecting potential fire hazard danger in a roof.

How easily a fire Danger within a roof can occur with some suggestions on how to help avoid it from happening. QBIS.

Roof fire danger

Potential fire danger in the roof area of a house.

Insulation has accumulated around electrical fittings.

This is a very dangerous situation and can cause potential fire hazards. Insulation must be clear of electrical fittings and installations to avoid insulation igniting from overheating of fittings.

Unfortunately this is a very common occurrence but can easily be avoided, if made aware.

Fire Danger in roof

Some suggestions on avoiding a potential fire hazard in a roof.

  • Clear insulation away from fitting and transformer.
  • Fit an approved shroud over the fitting.
  • Secure shroud to ceiling.

Check installation manufacturers required clearances to determine size of shroud necessary. 

Ongoing maintenance and checking to ensure safety.

  • Tops of the shrouds must never be covered.
  • Have them periodically checked to ensure they are clear of any insulation that may have blown within.
  • Refit and re-secure any shrouds that may have become dislodged.

If unsure, have a professional check and maintain.

Some extra tips.

  • Consider using a large plastic bucket as a shroud with its bottom fully cut out.
  • Never use silver foil building paper, they easily become damaged, trap heat and ignite.

If possible, consider using fiberglass batts instead of sprayed in insulation. This is easier to create and maintain required clearances.