New retaining wall built with faults.

This faulty new retaining wall was identified in a building inspection report by QBIS. The home owner saved money from the purchase price being reduced considerably. This saved them far more than the report cost.

Retaining wall defect

New retaining block wall without reinforcing.

Close-up showing lack of concrete core filling and reinforcing. There is nothing stopping these retaining walls from moving.

How builder & developers avoid Council approval when constructing retaining walls:

They often terrace the land to avoid the addition cost of constructing a retaining wall over 1 metre in height. This method of construction would not require Council approval also the need to be designed by a structural engineer.

Defective new retaining wall

Inadequate retaining wall construction:

These new retaining walls were built without reinforcing and concrete core filling. The blocks have been held together with plastic clips and glue!

Faulty new retaining wall, with positive result:

The builder was made aware of the problem, before the buyers proceeded with the purchase. It was rectified by the builder at his expense, not the buyer.

This shows the importance of a detailed report saving a buyer a substantial amount in rectification costs.

Relevent information regarding retaining walls

Qld Government Planning and building of retaining walls

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