Electrical cables fitted dangerously and safety switches.

Electrical cables fitted dangerously. Identified by Peter Weddell, owner/operator of Qld Home Buyers Inspection Service and Queensland Building Inspection Service, QBIS

Potential dangers:

  • None of the electrical wires fitted to the sub-floor area of this 10 year old building were properly secured.
  • The wiring (if damaged) is a potential danger to any tradesperson that maybe working on the house.

Electrical cables fitted dangerously accross sharp edge

Electrical wiring cables draped across the sharp corner of concrete blocks can cause damage to sheathing and exposing the wires, potentially Dangerous !

Unsecured electrical wiring cables supported by a steel bolt.

Electrical cables dangerously fitted

Electrical wiring situated on the soil where water has ponded on different occasions, potentially Dangerous !

Electrical cables fitted dangerously and safety switches. Important notes:

  • Although safety switches were fitted to this building, they must not be relied upon solely for 100% protection as they sometimes fail.
  • This wiring was installed by a licensed Electrician!
  • Safety switches must be periodically checked and maintained or replaced, if faulty.

Related information:

Qld Government Worksafe electrical code of practice and risk management

This has got to be one of the most unprofessional fitting of potentially dangerously wiring, I have come across. 

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