Dangerously fitted electrical cables and protection with safety switches

Can safety switches protect you from dangerously fitted electrical cables? QBIS

In most cases, highly likely

  • Safety switches must be checked on a regular basis, in accordance with manufacturers requirements.
  • If faulty they must be replaced by a qualified electrician urgently.

Never attempt altering anything electrical, employ a licensed electrician!

Potential dangers of dangerously fitted electrical wiring:

Can cause electrocution if:

  • Electrical cables become damaged.
  • Safety switches have not been fitted or are faulty.
  • A safety switch is not protecting that particular circuit.

It is highly recommended that all circuits be protected by safety switches, check with a qualified electrician.

Safety switches must be installed by a fully licensed electrician.

Electrical cables fitted dangerously accross sharp edge

Example of dangerously fitted electrical cables

Electrical wiring cables draped across the sharp corner of concrete blocks can cause damage to sheathing and exposing the live wires within. These wires can easily become accidentally damaged by a home owner/tenant/tradesperson and become potentially Dangerous! They must be correctly secured by an electrician.

Unprofessionally fitted electrical cables.

Unsecured electrical wiring cables supported by a steel bolt. Movement of cables over the tread of the bolt can cause damage over the long term. A little more time spent by having the cables properly secured would have prevented this potential safety hazard.

Electrical cables dangerously fitted

Danger of electrical cables in water.

Electrical wiring situated on sharp rocks also where water has ponded on different occasions, potentially Dangerous!

Worth knowing about electrical cables fitted dangerously below this house:

  • Although safety switches were fitted to this building, they must not be relied upon solely for 100% protection as they sometimes fail.
  • This wiring was installed by a licensed Electrician!
  • Safety switches must be periodically checked and maintained or replaced, if faulty.