Does roof ventilation work? YES!

Does roof ventilation work? QBIS.

  • Do they work?
  • What type should I use?
  • Do they leak?
  • How many are required?
  • What effective locations.

Do they work? Yes

  • But much more efficiently when combined with vents to the eaves.
  • If the roof space is cooler this is most likely to help reduce the house interior temperature.
  • An air-conditioner unit is also more likely to operate more efficiently and potentially save running costs
  • Insulation is also likely to help reduce the room air temperature, especially if fitted above the ceiling also below the roof cladding.

Does roof ventilation work? This type does

Suggested type:

Low unobtrusive vents are less likely to leak and will be as effective as any other design.


This example is more like a flue pipe from a wood heater, but is still effective.

How many roof vents are needed?

Depending on the roof area, but usualy not many, as natural convection will work well, even with one or two vents.

How many eave vents are needed?

This is dependant on the size of the house, but more than what would be required for the roof.

Effective locations:

Roof vents: As close to the peak of the roof as practicable without being obtrusive.

Eave vents: To corners of the building also along the sides.

Does roof ventilation work? Worth knowing:

  • From my experiences I have found that spinning roof vents are notorious for leaking, due to the slotted vanes around them.
  • Other types of roof vents are equally effective and far less likely to leak even if they don’t spin.

Natural convection working for you:

Roof vents do not have to spin to work as hot air rises and cooler air from eaves displaces the hot air with natural convection, simple!

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