Defects with balcony of an apartment.

Defects with apartment balcony. QBIS.

Different levels defect with apartment balcony

Poor design defect:

  • The balcony slab height is higher than the apartment interior slab which will allow direct water entry to the living area, even in light rain.
  • The slab also does not have sufficient fall away from the sliding door opening towards the relief holes.
  • Drain relief holes (tubes fitted through brick walls of the balcony) are far too small
  • Rain water will not escape quickly enough, before it enters the apartment interior.

Inadequate reliefs defect with apartment balcony

Defects with apartment balcony. Important note:

Although larger drain relief holes are required, this will not compensate for the slab level differences also lack of fall to the reliefs.

Some information that may be of help

QBCC Waterproofing/drainage of decks and balconies

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