Learn about these defective roof trusses that are a potential danger.

Dangerous defective roof trusses. QBIS.

Danger of defective roof trusses

Separation of gang-nail plate and bottom chord, above the supporting roof beam.

Separation of a gang-nail plate attached to junction of top and bottom Chords of the roof trusses.

Defective roof trusses that are dangerous

The roof truss gang nail plates (securing’s that hold the truss together) are separating from the bottom chord.

Worth knowing about this roof danger.

  • Roof truss problems like this are very Dangerous and could lead to collapse of a tiled roof at any time also potentially cause serious injury or fatality to anyone below, should it fail.
  • Fortunately for the owner, the problem was picked up in our inspection and with recommendations, rectified at a reasonable cost.
  • Before it became a serious problem!

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