Potential dangers of electricians not replacing perished electrical cables.

Dangerous perished electrical cables. QBIS.

  • Newer cable fitted to old fuse box with perished and potentially dangerous electrical cables still in use.
  • Perished cables must also be replaced when having new cables installed.

Power boards should be upgraded, with safety switches, fitted on both the power and light circuits for added safety.

What you need to know about perished electrical cables

  • Perished electrical cables can cause fires and/or electrocution.
  • When having cables replaced, disused wires and conduits must also be removed.
  • Safety switches must not be relied upon on their own to protect against faulty electrical cables.

All electrical work must be carried out by a qualified licensed electrician.

Dangerous perished electrical cables 2019

Perished electrical cables

More recent photo taken in 2020, as you can see the electrician has connected the new wiring (within a junction box) to the perished wire, potentially dangerous!

Protection against perished electrical cables.

  • Perished cables are potentially dangerous, when damaged and wires exposed.
  • Have wiring checked by a qualified licensed electrician and have any suspect cables replaced.
  • If in doubt, turn all power circuits off and contact a qualified electrician immediately.

Regular inspections by a qualified electrician are strongly recommended.

When upgrading your electrical switchboard.

Have the following replaced.

  • Main board with latest circuit breakers
  • Safety switches to light and power circuits also installations that require them.

Be aware of the following.

  • Circuit breakers sometimes look similar, but, are not safety switches.
  • Safety switches and circuit breakers do fail therefore they must be checked, maintained and be replaced when necessary.

Safety switches.

Remember although safety switches are there as the word implies for “safety”. They are not a magic wand and will not stop all faults from occurring, especially fires. Ask your Electrician!

Some information that may be of interest.

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