FREE building reports that can cost you considerably with their omissions,

Costly FREE building reports, courtesy of Peter Weddell, owner operator of Qld Home Buyers Inspection Service and Queensland Building Inspection Service, QBIS.

The rusted column above was only one of many that were not included in the sellers (vendor report) that were passed onto prospective buyers for “free”.

Although this fault is “standard building practice” it can be avoided using practical methods of construction. This problem will cause the slab to fracture from expansion of the rusting columns and allow potential termite access also possibly termite damage.

BE WARNED, discount the following advice at YOUR PERIL or you are likely to suffer the consequences!

Just a few photos of problems omitted from a “free” vendors (seller) report, the ones agents handout to unsuspecting buyers

Costly FREE building report with high moisture readings not identified

Much higher than usual moisture meter reading to a slab, indicating rising damp. This is most likely due to lack of a plastic moisture barrier below the slab also from seepage. Moisture readings should be around 200 or less.

Lower weatherboard must extend down and cover part of the slab edge to avoid seepage and rot to bottom plate of the timber wall. Seepage will occur and cause rot to the concealed lower wall frame. Rot may also occur to bottom plate of the wall if a membrane has not been correctly fitted between the slab and plate.

Costly FREE building report that missed rotting veranda timber

Rotten floor joist with new flooring fitted over it, the joist should have been reinfored or replaced (recommended). This floor joist could potentially collapse under load.

Balcony-deck PDF safety guide:

Qld Government on deck and balcony safety guidelines

Not one of the above problems were not identified in the sellers vendors report issued to prospective buyers “for FREE”

  • Vendor reports can prove to be costly if serious faults have not been identified or are understated in a “free” report.
  • Don’t expect any Building or Pest report given to you by a seller or real estate agent to be accurate or unbiased.
  • Or be prepared to pay rectification costs of any items that were not identified in their report.

Costly FREE building reports.

Important tips:

  • Always employ Building or Pest Inspectors that are independent of the seller and agent.
  • Employ two separate firms, independent of each other.
  • Check to ensure your Building Inspector personally has a builders licence, insurance and “a completed building inspection license”.
  • Do not accept the company only, carrying the licenses and insurance.
  • Make sure your pest inspector currently operates a pest control business. 
  • Do not use a Builder with a pest control license.
  • Builders are not experience in methods of termite treatment, barriers also in locating termite evidence and/or damage.

Builders build houses, they do not have the experience nor background to carry out an acceptable pest report.

It is not worth the risk!

Never accept advice from anyone that does not operate a pest control business for a living.

Practical experience does not come from a book!

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