Building construction fault to unit in a large complex.

This is an example of why a unit needs to be checked by an experienced building inspector to indentify a construction fault of Unit in a Complex. QBIS.

Poor building construction and fault to unit complex.

Here are photos of what an unprofessional construction looks like. Since the building was constructed the soil has eroded away exposing the lack of proper support below the footings and slab edge, also shown in the proceeding photos.

Footing problem

Close-up of soil erosion, below the slab edge showing lack of support.

Footing problem

Corner of the building without proper foundation support.

If left unattended, this can develop into a major costly problem from movement.

Footing problem

Soil erosion below unit slab that may cause movement.

More erosion of soil exposing the slab edge without support below it.

Unit construction fault

These are classic examples showing how important it is for your Building inspector to access the exterior of a unit block (where possible). Otherwise a cheap inspection will quickly turn into an expensive one !

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