Boxgutter causing serious defects and how to overcome them. 

Learn how concealed boxgutter causing defects can affect your house and how to rectify. QBIS

Box gutter leaking causing defects

Damage caused by concealed box gutters overflowing.

Combination of the box gutter being undersize, lack of relief holes also insufficient number of down-pipe outlets is causing numerous problems to this house.

Concealed boxgutter leaking causing movement defect

Footing movement caused by box gutter overflowing.

Continual overflowing of the box gutter is saturating the soil and causing the post footings to move considerably. This is also causing undulation of the fascia-boards. The type of soil is most likely reactive also unsuitable footings are the most probable cause of movement.

What you need to know about damage these concealed boxgutters are causing and having them fixed.

  • Replacing the concealed boxgutter would be very expensive as the roof sheeting and eave linings would need to be removed to access and replace any rotting timber of the roof structure.
  • Larger box gutters, more and larger down-pipes. Relief holes would also have to be fitted.