Roof leaking common locations.

Common locations for roofs to leak. Paint peeling to this eave lining is caused by consistent leaking from the roof also from the gutters overflowing. QBIS.

Gutter design fault:

  • This gutter has overflowed at its back side. This is often due to the back edge being lower than the front causing water to overflow at back of the gutter and not the front.
  • The small slots to front side of the gutter are not large enough to cope in heavy downpours.

Common locations for a roof to leak

Down-pipe spreader:

  • This spreader pipe fitted to bottom of down-pipe from the upper level roof gutter has caused consistent leaking to the eave below it.
  • Down-pipe spreaders are notorious for leaking due to their concentration of roof water in a confined area without being evenly dispersed.

My recommendation would be to fit two spreaders to the down-pipe base with a wide shaped flashing to allow an even distribution of the water.

Common locations for roof leaking

Water marks show consistent leaking from this tiled roof. In most cases the only long term solution would be to replace the roof tiles with corrugated metal sheeting. Metal sheeting has fewer joints and overlaps and is far less likely to leak

Common locations for roofs to leak. Important point:

Make sure the roof water downpipes are not connected to the surface water drainage system, otherwise this will cause  backwash. This is often the cause of rot occurring to concealed eave timber.

Roof related material.

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