Ceilings that are sagging beyond repair.

The causes and rectification required to ceilings that are sagging beyond repair

This problem was identified by Peter Weddell, owner/operator of Qld Home Buyers Inspection Service and Queensland Building Inspection Service, QBIS.


Potential danger of collapse:

The inhabitants of this 3 year old house were not aware of the potential dangers of the sagging ceiling linings above them.

The longer this problem is left without being re-secured the greater potential of collapse.

Important points:

  • Ceilings linings get to a point where they cannot be effectivly resecured and requiring replacing.
  • This can be costly, especially if the insulation above has to be removed.
  • The sooner this serious problem is addressed, the better.
  • I have seen ceilings sagging as much as 150 mm with only the cornices and light fitting stopping it from collapsing!

Imagine sitting at the dining table for a meal, and the ceiling collapsed! 


The majority of inspectors often don’t mention or understate the significance of this problem. This is often due to lack of experience, negligence, and/or they consider it too minor to mention in their report.

Possible reasons for ceilings that are sagging beyond repair

  • Normal aging.
  • Linings used that are not suitable for ceilings.
  • Insufficient securings, glue, screwing or nails.
  • Ceiling battens or ceiling joist that are too widely spaced not allowing sufficient securing of the sheets.
  • Roof leaking
  • Tradespeople placing their boot on the ceilings.
  • Weight of insulation, especially if wet from the roof leaking.
  • Normal movement of the roof frame, in differing weather conditions.

A good example of preventative maintenance items noted in our reports. This alone may save you a substantial amount of money!

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