Learn why ceilings sag beyond repair and how to fix them.

Ceilings that are sagging beyond repair with potential danger. QBIS.


Potential danger of sagging ceilings collapsing:

The inhabitants of this 3 year old house were not aware of the potential dangers of the sagging ceiling linings above them.

The longer this problem is left without being re-secured the greater potential of collapse.

What you need to know about ceilings that are sagging beyond repair.

  • Ceilings linings get to a point where they cannot be effectivly resecured and requiring replacing.
  • This can be costly, especially if the insulation above has to be removed.
  • The sooner this serious problem is addressed, the better.

I have seen ceilings sagging as much as 150 mm with only the cornices and light fitting stopping it from collapsing!


Sagging ceilings and the importance of building inspectors identifying this potentially dangerous fault.

The majority of inspectors often don’t mention or understate the significance of this problem. This is often due to lack of experience, negligence, and/or they consider it too minor to mention in their report.

Possible reasons for ceilings that are sagging beyond repair.

  • Normal aging.
  • Linings used that are not suitable for ceilings.
  • Insufficient securings, glue, screwing or nails.
  • Ceiling battens or ceiling joist that are too widely spaced not allowing sufficient securing of the sheets.
  • Roof leaking
  • Tradespeople placing their boot on the ceilings.
  • Weight of insulation, especially if wet from the roof leaking.
  • Normal movement of the roof frame, in differing weather conditions.

A good example of preventative maintenance items noted in our reports. This alone may save you a substantial amount of money!

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