Ceiling sheets sagging.

Ceiling sheets sagging.  QBIS.

Ceiling sheets sagging

Large gap between the ceiling sheeting and where it should be secured, to bottom chord of a roof truss. This sheeting is sagging beyond re-securing and would require replacing.

This approximately 3 year old house, north of Brisbane with ceiling linings sagging much more than usual (some required replacing).

The buyer got a significant reduction of the purchase price to compensate her for the problem, after obtaining quotes from plastering firms.

Periodic Inspections:

  • It is important to check your ceiling sheeting for degrees of sagging, on a regular basis.
  • Especially after storms.
  • Use a powerful torch from the underside.
  • If possible, also check within the roof space, clear insulation where necessary.
  • Have them re-secured before they sag beyond repair.
  • This can save you inconvenience and costly replacement.

If you are not confident you can do the checking accurately and safely, then employ a professional, preferably a plasterer.

Ceiling sheets sagging. Worth knowing:

Sagging ceiling sheeting, in the majority of cases can be reasonably easily rectified. But if they sag too far they will need to be replaced, this can be costly, especially if insulation has been fitted above.

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