Causes of roof leaks,

Causes of roof leaks. Roof valley’s. Location of a roof, where the pitch changes direction. QBIS.

Roof leaking locations

Roof vent (mechanical):

Spinning roof vents are known for leaking and will not operate any more effectively than a fixed vent. The eaves must also be vented for roof vents to operate effectively.

Roof vent (fixed):

This type of roof vent is far less likely to leak than anything that spins, and will operate just as effectively.

Roof leaks in heavy rain location

Down-pipe spreader:

Down-pipe spreaders often due due to creating a concentrated area of water from another roof area.

This can usually be rectified by fitting a splayed metal sheet to its base to disperse the water over a wider area.

new roof leaking

Dutch gable:

Dutch gables usually leak from insufficiently wide enough flashing’s.


Valleys are one of the most common water entry points, especially when one side of the roof pitch is greater than the other.

This can usually be rectified by bedding of the valley tiles. This helps stop the water from coming up the underside of the tiles and over the top edges of the valley gutter.

Causes of roof leaks.

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