Role of the inspector:

  • Maintain confidentiality throughout the inspection
  • Supply an independent unbiased accurate detailed report
  • Work in the best interest of the buyer
  • Be fair to all parties concerned but maintain impartiality and integrity
  • Explain the report in a way that anyone will understand
  • Be there if the client requires advice even after the inspection has been carried out
  • Access all areas of the property and buildings, where possible and not restricted
  • Not get involved in personal opinions regarding the outcome
  • Give direction if needed on items that may require quotes on rectification and possibly for renegotiation

Purpose of report:

  • Give a better understanding as to the true condition of the property
  • Help educate the buyer with detail and use of photos to put items in perspective
  • Consider long term approach in suggestions
  • Map out with the report issues that have to be addressed and monitored
  • Compare to other buildings of its age and type so the buyer has a better understanding
  • Make recommendations on preventative maintenance
  • Make economical suggestions on rectification of items that are items identified in the report
  • If required, make economical suggestions on  extensions, renovations or alterations

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