Brief Example of Main Items Checked

  • Photos are taken throughout the report to backup comments and give you a better understanding of any problems, put them in perspective also help avoid arguments. Photos do not lie, they tell the full story!

  • Sketch showing approximate location of buildings on the property and relationship to north, for ease of reference

  • Site and surface drainage

  • Fences and paving

  • Illegal structures *

  • Individual buildings and structures on the property, condition of each are noted in detail. Sheds, carport, garage, pergola, patio roof structures

  • Retaining walls

  • Building exterior

  • Roof exterior (if safely accessible)

  • Roof interior (where accessible)

  • Subfloor (where accessible)

  • Building interior

  • Wiring*

  • Plumbing*

  • Termites*

  • If a Safety switch is fitted

  • If a Smoke detector is fitted

  • Comparison check list of items to others of its type and age. This gives you a better understanding of the report

  • Areas accessed and not accessed, and reasons why no access was gained. Areas requiring further access

  • List of main items requiring attention or worth noting

  • Overall summary and comparison to other buildings of its type and age

  • Suggested useful links

* Regarding illegal structures, comments maybe made, but bear in mind that the report is NOT a compliance check. A list of what appear to be additions, may be compiled to help when your searches are carried out.

* These items are checked by a licensed builder only. An expert must be employed in the areas of specialised knowledge, if required.

Also refer to my Posts and photos to get a better understanding of the lengths we are prepared to go over and above others to produce a report that is second to none!

On completion of the inspection we will provide consultation (on site or over the phone) and if required, the most economical suggestions on extensions, renovation and/or rectification of defects found. Photos are taken of certain items for a better understanding also to show significance of problems and areas accessed.