Beware of unlicensed inspectors. A property inspected in the Graceville area, a western suburb of Brisbane

Courtesy of Peter Weddell, owner/operator of Qld Home Buyers Inspection Service.

This post exposes how you can easily employ unlicenced inspectors without knowing, by not doing research and asking the right questions!

  • A Building Construction Commission search revealed that both previous inspectors of this property were not licenced to carry out their Building or Pest inspections.
  • They were employed by a well known firm in the industry that claims they send out two different “qualified people” to carry out inspections, yet neither were licenced.
  • Close examination of the Building and Pest reports (displayed on the dining room table for potential buyers perusal) showed many items (of concern to any prospective buyer) were either omitted or grossly understated in both reports

Important notes:

  • Companies can “LEGALLY” employed unlicensed inspectors, WITHOUT ONSITE SUPERVISION of a licensed inspector.
  • It is not a QBCC requirement for any licensed person from a company to be at the property at the time to supervise any unlicensed building or pest inspection that they employ!

QBCC contact number: 139 333. To ask them WHY they allow this!

Worth knowing.

  • The seller of this property was not prepared to allow any negotiation on the purchase price, even though the buyer was not aware of the roof damage before they signed the contract.
  • The previous building inspector (employed by the agent) claimed that although he could not gain access to the roof exterior, their comments were “the roof appears to be in good condition”, what do you think, according to the photo?

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