Balcony in danger of collapsing.

Balcony collapse danger. This balcony is potentially dangerous due to height of the perimeter railings being under the Building Code requirement of 1 metre. QBIS

Dangerous balcony

Deteriorating rusting securings:

  • Rusting bolts securing beams of this balcony are causing fracturing to the supporting post below the structure.
  • Hot dip galvanised bolts must be used to exposed structures to help avoid this from happening over the short term.

Danger of balcony collapse

Inadequate support below the balcony:

Bolts supporting main beam of the balcony are undersized. I recommended fitting an offset bracket secured to the brick wall where more securing was possible.

Balcony collapse danger. Important notes:

  • Chemicals used in the treatment of timber will cause rust to securings of structures.
  • Especially to non-plated and zinc plated securings.
  • Galvanised bolts will also be affected by treatment, but will have a much greater life span.
  • It is advisable to fit a water impervious barrier to top of the joists before attaching deck floor.

Balconies, verandas and decks must be periodically checked and maintained to avoid serious consequences.

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