Sagging ceiling linings

708, 2015

Sagging ceiling linings

August 7th, 2015|Sagging ceiling linings|0 Comments

Inspection of approximately 3 year old house north of Brisbane with ceiling linings sagging much more than usual (some requiring replacing). The buyer got a reduction of $5000 to compensate her for the problem after obtaining quotes from plastering firms.





1504, 2015

Sagging ceiling lining

April 15th, 2015|New house problems, Preventative maintenance, Sagging ceiling linings|Comments Off on Sagging ceiling lining

Unsuspecting to the inhabitants of this 3 year old house, the ceiling linings above were sagging considerably. The longer this problem is left without being re-secured the lesser the chances of being able to be re-secured. Sagging gets to a stage where the linings are beyond securing and require replacing. The sooner this is addressed […]