Leaking causing rot

2902, 2016

Shower problems

February 29th, 2016|Bathroom, Leaking causing rot, New renovation problems|Comments Off on Shower problems

Recess for soap and other items within showers is not a good idea as it eventually allows seepage and rot to occur, even if waterproofed. Normal expansion and contraction between different materials eventually causes cracks to the waterproofing underneath, then leaking. These recesses must be monitored and kept sealed to their internal corners.

3011, 2015

Dangers of buying over internet!

November 30th, 2015|Bathroom, Beware of buying over internet!, Deck & veranda problems, Importance of photos & access, Leaking causing rot, Movement, Roof Problems, Wiring|Comments Off on Dangers of buying over internet!

Packed stump from significant movement

A recent inspection of a property in the Ipswich area for an interstate buyer that had not seen the property apart from photos posted on the internet. Fortunately the client had the common sense not to go with their building inspector and favorable report. The report saved her from making a […]

2103, 2015

Leaking causing rot to particleboard flooring below wet areas

March 21st, 2015|Leaking causing rot, New house problems|Comments Off on Leaking causing rot to particleboard flooring below wet areas

Here is a house that is approximately 7 years old. This shows why it is very poor building practice to fit particleboard and not compressed fibro sheeting below wets areas of a building. Leaking will not cause damage to compressed fibro sheeting.




Same problem, different building.

Here is another reason why not to use particleboard as flooring, […]