Disclosure importance

703, 2016

Dangerous, illegal structure!

March 7th, 2016|Dangerous structures, Disclosure importance, Illegal structures|Comments Off on Dangerous, illegal structure!

This poorly built patio roof structure requires extensive rectification, so much that it would be more economical to remove the entire structure and rebuild according Council requirements and the current building code. This structure is potentially dangerous due to rot, inadequate securing and support. Insurance companies are not likely to cover structures that are non-compliant. […]

2909, 2015

Termite damage disclosure

September 29th, 2015|Disclosure importance, Termites, Tips for sellers|Comments Off on Termite damage disclosure

Termite damage to timber lintel above window opening after removing plaster to assess damage

 Affected timber removed showing significance of damage

 More damage to section of the lintel

 Props fitted to support roof structure during repairs

 Photo showing area where damaged timber was replaced

 Another termite damaged wall

 Photo showing area where damaged timber was replaced

 Completed job, plastered and painted

609, 2015

Tips for sellers on contract breakers

September 6th, 2015|Disclosure importance|Comments Off on Tips for sellers on contract breakers

Having been in the building inspection industry since 1978, the biggest contract breaker I have found is the seller (and sometimes the Agent) not disclosing major problems (with the property or building) they were aware of with a prospective purchaser, then criticising the inspector for doing their job when the major faults are found during the […]

1006, 2015

Disclosure of termite damage in a roof

June 10th, 2015|Disclosure importance|0 Comments

The importance of sellers and agents being upfront with prospective buyers.

Termite damage to roof structure of a house on the Gold Coast (not disclosed to the buyer)!  

Insulation fitted to the roof interior mainly to cover extensive termite damage to the roof structure. The owner and agent knew about extensive termite damage to this house, […]