Damage to roof from termites.

Termite damage to roof. QBIS.

Damage to roof from Termites

Although this photo was taken in 2005 it is still relevant.

Importance of access:

  • This is what an inspector will miss if they are not prepared to get in the roof.
  • This can be very costly inspection for a potential buyer!
  • Insist your inspector takes photos of problems also for proof of access!
  • Many inspectors do not gain access the roof interior past the access hole, if it has insulation.

Worth knowing: Insulation is often fitted within a roof to cover termite evidence or damage

Termite damage to roof. Related information that may help you:

QBCC Termite Management Systems advisory notes for Homeowners

Be aware:

Builders build houses, they do not treat houses for termites. Don’t be conned!

  • Pest inspections area a specialized field that requires an experienced inspector, not a builder!
  • Make sure your pest inspection is carried by an experienced, licensed person.
  • Most importantly: someone that currently operates a pest control business.

I don’t claim to be an expert in termite detection.

But here are some examples of what I have found in roofs, other inspectors have missed.

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