Danger of roof collapsing, in Kallangur, a northern suburb of Brisbane.

Roof in danger of collapsing. Examples of how a potentially dangerous roof truss situation was avoided as a result of a recent building inspection, by Peter Weddell, owner/operator of Qld Home Buyers Inspection Service.

You want to be aware of this!

Considerable sideways bowing of these roof trusses above a house that is approximately 12 years old!

Significant separation of gang nail plate, to top chord of a roof truss.

Roof collapsing danger

Further separation to bottom chord of a truncated (girder) roof truss.

A truncated (or girder truss) is a major component of the roof that supports a number of other trusses.

Danger of roof collapsing

This photo shows separation also between webbing of the roof truss and its bottom chord.

Roof in danger of collapsing.

  • This roof structure is very close to the point of collapse.
  • Moderate to storm conditions could be a cause for collapse.
  • Urgent rectification was required.

Cost to rectify this roof structure was considerably high.

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