Roof faults above a house in Mitchelton, a Northern suburb of Brisbane

by Peter Weddell, owner/operator of Qld Home Buyers Inspection Service and Queensland Building Inspection Service, QBIS.

Problem: Sealant has been applied to sides of roof sheeting this is a definite indication of roof leaking on a regular basis. Consistent leaking of roof’s is a major concern for causing rot to concealed timber.

Rectification: Replace the old corrugated iron roof sheeting with zincalume sheeting.

Addition suggestions: 

  • Fit more securing to the roof structure for tying down (only possible with the roof sheeting removed).
  • Fit insulation below the roof sheeting also to other inaccessible areas.
  • Fit ventilation to the roof and eaves.
  • Avoid using spray-in insulation as it has a tendency to accumulate around electrical fittings which can cause potential fire hazards.

Important note: If fitting roof vents, I would recommend fitting a pipe with a cap on top, rather than a spinning roof vent (these are prone to leaking). Also refer to my post on roof ventilation for more information.

Roof ventilation

Roof access

Consistent overflowing of roof gutter to eave, causing paint to peel also rot to eave timber.

Roof access

More sealant to sides of the corrugated sheets.

Roof access

Rust to overlaps (not visible from inside of the roof) this shows the importance of your inspector gaining access to the roof exterior.

Roof access

Water marks to roof battens and rafters showing approximately, where the roof has leaked.

Roof faults to house in Mitchelton.

  • These examples show the importance of access also the use of photos.
  • Photos help put problems in perspective for buyers also bring the problem to them visually. Far greater than text!

This allows a buyer to make an accurate informed decision on a purchase.

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