Pre-sale building inspection benefits 

How a Pre-sale inspection may help increase your chances of a property sale, considerably!

All Building Inspections are carried out personally by Peter Weddell owner/operator of Qld Home Buyers Inspection Service, QBIS.

Be assured:

You will receive a detailed, unbiased report, from a trusted person in the industry. Peter Weddell has been recommended and used by many leading Solicitors, Banks and Councils since 1978.

  • Identify potential deal breaker problems before listing a property so you have the opportunity of rectifying them or pricing the property accordingly.
  • Avoid fabricated or overstated problems by the prospective buyer (or their Inspector) to reduce the sale price with overinflated prices on rectification.
  • Advice on what you can rectify economically or alter (yourself) without needing to obtaining Council approval.
  • Recommendations on preventative maintenance, to avoid potential problems occurring.
  • How to maintain your building for the long-term.
  • Compare problems to similar buildings of its age and type.
  • Make you aware of possible illegal structures or items that should be checked in Council searches, before listing your property.
  • Extensive use of photos throughout the report to put problems in perspective.
  • Help you in producing a portfolio on the house, to pass onto a prospective buyer to potentially help your sale go through, without a hitch.
  • Have access to the Inspector for advice, long after the inspection has been carried out.
  • Discuss any concerns with an expert with vast knowledge and practical experience gained since 1966 in the building industry.

Current owners:

A pre-sale report can also benefit home owners that are not intending selling their property. 

  • By identifying problems with economical recommendations on rectification.
  • Suggestions on preventative maintenance.
  • Advice on how to maintain your building, for the long term.
  • Have access to the inspector to potentially help you not getting ripped off by unscrupulous trades-people!

Dangers of selling your property without a pre-sale building inspection !

  • A potential buyer’s inspector identifies major problems that could be used as a legitimate reason to terminate a sale.
  • The buyer negotiates the purchase price down considerably to compensate them for expensive problems they had not allowed for and were not made aware of before signing a contract.
  • By not having a pre-sale building inspection and being forewarned of any major problems, you cannot determine a fair price for the property.
  • A potential buyer is more likely to speculate on the severity, extent and cost of rectifying major problems when they are concealed and the degree of problem is unknown.

Pre-sale building inspections:

Help eliminate most of these hurdles, by having major problems identified and rectified, before listing the property to help avoid potentially losing a sale.

Why use us?

  • All inspections are carried out by Peter Weddell, owner/operator, solely responsible for the company.
  • Benefit from his wealth of knowledge and experience gained in all aspects of the building industry since 1966. Full member of the Master builders since 1977. Founding member of the Institute of Building Consultants, 1995.
  • Fully insured and licensed with the Queensland Building Construction Commission (QBCC).
  • Know that you are receiving unbiased advice and report from an independent inspector with no ties with any real estate agent.
  • Help with recommendations on the most economical alternatives of rectification.
  • Advice on extensions and alterations (if necessary).
  • Accesses all areas, including the roof exterior (where safely and practicable) without being supervised.
  • Include a comparison gauge to other buildings of its age and type to put problems in perspective.
  • Have access to the Inspector for advice or guidance, long after the inspection has been carried out (at no extra fee, for over the phone advice).
  • Receive a report that is second to none from a company that has no vested interest in the sale apart from providing the best possible advice and a report that is tailored to suit your particular property.
  • Include numerous photos to put problems in perspective also for proof of access (very helpful in the case of interstate owners).

Be confidant:

In knowing that you would be employing Peter Weddell

  • Peter is solely responsible for the business and personally carries out each inspection.
  • Has owned and operated the longest serving building inspection business in Queensland.
  • Tailors each detailed report to suit the era of building.

For independent Building Inspections Brisbane in all suburbs, Qld Home Buyers Inspection Service.