Pre-sale building inspection Archerfield, a Southern suburb of Brisbane.

carried out by Peter Weddell owner/operator of Qld Home Buyers Inspection Service

Learn how current home owners can benefit from a building inspection.

  • This building inspection was carried out on behalf of an interstate owner.
  • The purpose was to make them aware of the problems and their degree.
  • This helped them in making  an informed decision on whether to retain, sell or improve the house.


Replacement of this roof was a rip-off!

Replacement of galvanised with zincalume roof sheeting on this relatively small house was just under $30,000 without replacing the rusted gutters, rotting timber and no fitting of insulation.


Replacement of rotten timber was not included in quote:

Replacement of rotting sections of the fascia boards and eave lining boards were not included in the roofing contractors quote of replacing the roof !


Drainage problem that could cause serious problems:

The owner was not aware of a major drainage problem with this property causing movement of the stumps and house also deterioration of the concrete stumps. Notice the water line to base of this stump.


Erosion as a result of the drainage problem:

Erosion of soil caused by drainage problems partially undermining the stump footings (causing movement) and exposing parts of the sewer pipes.


Significant fracturing to majority of the concrete stumps, requiring replacing.


Leaking bathroom causing rotting of timber:

Rot to flooring below the bathroom-toilet also a floor joist that has been cut through to accommodate the toilet waste pipe. The owner was not aware of these significant and extensive problems.


Damage to ceiling from roof leaking:

Leaking from the previous roof has cause damage and extensive sagging to the caneite ceiling linings requiring them to be replaced, otherwise collapsing of the lining is highly likely.


Ceiling paint peeling and sagging from the previous roof leaking.


Further sagging of internal ceiling linings, throughout the house.

Pre-sale building inspection Archerfield. Worth knowing:

  • The owner was not made aware of these major problems when she bought the house.
  • A pre-sale building inspection highlighted all of the problems also their significance
  • Problems were put into perspective with comparisons to problems in similar buildings.
  • Armed with a prioritized list of problems also a building inspector she can trust and call upon for advice.

Having access to an experienced inspector for advice. The owner is now unlikely to get ripped off by unscrupulous trades-people!

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