Inaccurate building report, in West End, a Southern suburb of Brisbane.

Inaccurate building report, identified by Peter Weddell, owner/operator of Qld Home Buyers Inspection Service and Queensland Building Inspection Service, QBIS.

Examples of serious problems that were not identified in a sellers building inspection report.

  • The sellers report was carried out by a well known nationwide company.

Fortunately the prospective buyer of this house employed Peter Weddell.

They received an independant inspection, otherwise it could have proven very costly for the prospective buyer.

Seepage has occurred through a boundary block wall causing deterioration to timber that is attached to it.

Building report drain inaccuracy

This drainage grate was far too high allowing water to pond around the sub-floor area. This is not healthy for the house nor its inhabitants.

Building report drainage inaccuracy

Water line to block wall of the sub-floor area showing depth of the ponding water.

Rusting to steel supports of the building.

No mention of rust, also the concrete footing level being too low (must be at least 100mm above the soil level).

This is a Building code requirement that few builders adhere to.

Important note:

Rusting of the columns also often causes fracturing of the concrete footings that surround them. This is very costly to have rectified as the footing must be removed and replaced, in a confined area and without machinary.

Concrete and paint covering this rusting column.

Seepage through upper section of the boundary block wall from lack of water-proofing to its exterior.

Window within a shower recess without proper protection.

This will cause rot to the wall framing from seepage over the long term.

Seepage around timber window frames from lack of awning and proper fitting of flashing’s to the exterior.

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