How sellers can benefit from a pre-sale inspection.

A pre-sale building inspection helped the seller of this property with practical advice on what to do to help achieve a sale. Some tips on how sellers can benefit from a pre-sale inspection.

  • Pre-sale building inspection of a house in Archerfield for an interstate owner.
  • The property was orinally purchased without a building inspection.

Costly mistake and it gets worse

Pre-sale inspection benefits for sellers

Stretched paint indicating movement has occurred since exterior of the house was recently repainted.

This is an indication of recent movement and has a high probability of further movement! 

Significant downwards bowing of a concrete beam supporting external brick wall of this house. This is caused from pier and footing movement, most likely from unstable soil and inadequate footing design.

Worth knowing:

Soil tests were not a requirement when this house was constructed.

More external wall movement also concrete coming away from corner of the building.

Concrete supporting pier to corner of the building that has moved significantly, downwards.

Movement of the balcony slab has caused it to detach from external walls of the house.

These extensive large cracks to the internal concrete walls, from movement.

Pre-sale inspection and benefits for sellers

There was a significant sag to the valley of this roof. This required immediate attention to avoid potential collapse. 

How sellers can benefit from a pre-sale inspection.

Avoid being conned!

  • The owner was informed by an unscrupulous trades-person (recommended by the rental agent) that it would cost approximately $50,000 to rectify these problems in 2010!
  • Their fee was only to patch and paint over the external and internal walls of this house, not to fix the problem.
  • This would not have included reinforcing the footings (underpinning) to avoid the likelihood of further movement.
  • The owner was also informed it would cost a considerable amount more to replace the rotting internal timber walls.
  • All of the internal walls were constructed with concrete, not timber!

A Pre-sale building inspection report identified the following:

  • Photographed and documented problems also noted their severity.
  • Made recommendations on economical methods of rectification and alternatives.
  • Allowed access to the inspector for advice in the future to insure not being ripped-off again.
  • Suggestions on items that required priority before re-sale of the property.
  • Recommended full disclosure on major items to potential buyers, when reselling.

These recommendations are likely to help the seller achieve a smooth sale, when reselling the property.

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