During an Inspection & On Completion

Remember the building inspector you employ should not disclose any findings with anyone except you!

I have found over the years the majority of building or pest control inspectors can disclose confidential information regarding the inspection with the agent or current owner. This can seriously jeopardise your negotiating position if any unforeseen significant problems are found in the inspection, especially if the property is going to auction. This also often causes arguments and confusion from unqualified people with biased opinions.


  • If possible, be at the inspection for the duration to ensure the inspector accesses all areas, also so the inspector can point out the main problems on completion and give you a brief verbal summary before they send the report to you. If you cannot be there, request that photos be taken of areas they accessed and any problems found

  • Ask the inspector questions before they start or at the end, otherwise you will break their concentration during the inspection. Do not get involved in small talk about unrelated matters to the inspection, remember it is an inspection not a social event!

  • Make sure the inspector accesses all structures on the property, physically gets on the roof and in the roof past the access hole also all parts of the sub-floor area (where possible)

  • Remember the inspector is there on your behalf not for the benefit of others that have not paid for the report and information also they have an interest in the sale of the property

  • On completion of the inspection it is not advisable to discuss the outcome with the real estate agent or the seller/owner until after you have: received the report, read and thoroughly understood it, contacted the inspector if necessary to clarify anything in the report, consulted your legal representative and made your decision. Only then it is the time to let the agent and seller know of the outcome. Everyone must allow you the time that is necessary to fully understand the report before you make a decision that you may regret later. Discussing the results immediately after the inspection or onsite without having all the information at hand is not advisable and sometimes leads into arguments with the agent or seller! That is the last thing anyone wants.

    Buying a property is one of the biggest decisions of your life, make sure it is the right one without interference from others!