Rusting of columns caused from issues with drainage

Drainage issues rusting of columns. QBIS.

Rusting columns from inadequate drainage

Ponding of water causing rust

around the bases of these steel columns that are supporting this house. This has affected their structural ability in supporting the house, requiring replacing of the columns.

Drainage causing rusting columns 1

Inappropriate footing to soil level:

The concrete footing levels must also extend by at least 100 mm above the soil level, to comply with Building Code requirements.

Drainage and rusting columns

Drainage issues rusting of columns. Important notes:

  • Ground levels to the perimeter of this house were higher than the sub-floor soil levels.
  • Water entry and ponding to the sub-floor are causing extensive rust to the supporting steel columns.
  • The street level was the same height as the sub-floor area, making it impossible to fit an effective drainage system
  • The potential for back wash of water from the street to the sub-floor was high.
  • Often footings also require replacing with the column to rectify the problem correctly, for the long term.
  • If columns are cut off at the concrete level, the remaining column within the footing will continue to rust. This can fracture the footings.

Cost of rectification and replacement would be considerable!

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