Costly and dangerous sellers report.

Dangerous and costly sellers report, by Peter Weddell owner/operator of Qld Home Buyers Inspection Service, in a North West suburb of Brisbane.

Significant rust:

Columns supporting a three level 10 year old house were grossly understated in a report supplied to a prospective buyer.

Sellers report that was costly and dangerous

Potentially dangerous wiring!

Unsecured electrical wire near base of a steel column. 

Dangerously rusting supports:

Supporting a multi-level, large house.

This required more than wire brushing and treatment as recommended in the sellers report!

Sellers report omitted costly rusting building supports

Additional concrete covering rust:

Concrete has been placed around the base of this rusted column, as suggested by the sellers inspector.

Wrong! This traps moisture that accelerates rusting, further.

Further rust to column, after anti-rust was applied.

Causing significant rust to this steel column supporting a three level building !

Dangerous and costly sellers report:

  • Rusted supporting columns of this relatively new building have a wall thickness of only 3mm. With heavy rust diminishing their structural integrity, considerably.
  • Numerous columns required replacing at a great cost to the buyer, who now owns the house and its problems.
  • The sellers inspector noted that the columns only required wire brushing, applying anti-rust treatment then fitting concrete mounds around their bases with no mention of having to replace any columns at all.

Other problems not mentioned or understated in the sellers report were:

  • Termite evidence and damage to the sub-floor.
  • Numerous rusting steel Columns that required replacing.
  • Drainage issues with ponding of water contributing greatly to rusting of the supporting columns.
  • Insufficient clearances between timber bearers and the soil, that did not comply with the building code requirements.
  • Electrical wiring with no securing to sub-floor area of the building, potentially dangerous.
  • Movement of numerous supporting columns causing undulation of floor with doors requiring refitting.
  • Insufficient flashings around the openings.

Trust no-one:

  • When making what is likely to be one of the most expensive decisions in your life, TRUST NO-ONE, least of all the seller and agent.
  • This is what happens when you trust a seller and real estate agent supplying a building inspection report that was written with bias, heavily in their favor to help a sale go through !

This was a very costly “free” report, don’t let it happen to you! 

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