Units & Townhouses Building Inspection Reports. What is Checked & Accessed.

  • Photos are taken throughout the report to backup comments and give you a better understanding of any problems, put them in perspective also help avoid arguments. Photos do not lie, they tell the full story!

  • Sketch showing approximate location of buildings on the property and relationship to north, for ease of reference

  • Common property (where accessible, without entering private property areas).

  • Fences, paving

  • Retaining walls

  • *Illegal structures
  • Garage, shed, carport, patio roof structure, pergola

  • Building exterior (where accessible without entering private property areas)

  • External walls (where accessible without entering private property areas)

  • Stairs or steps

  • Walkways

  • Balcony

  • Sub-floor (if applicable or accessible)

  • Roof exterior (if applicable and safely accessible)

  • Roof interior (if applicable and accessible)

  • Unit or townhouse interior

  • Plumbing *

  • Wiring *

  • Pest control *

  • If a Safety switch is fitted

  • If a Smoke detector is fitted

  • Comparison check list of items to others of its type and age. This gives you a better understanding of the building or property inspection report

  • Overall summary and comparison to other buildings of its type and age

* Regarding illegal structures, comments maybe made, but bear in mind that the report is NOT a compliance check. A list of what appear to be additions, may be compiled to help when your searches are carried out.

* These items are checked by a licensed builder only. An expert must be employed in the areas of specialised knowledge, if required.

Also refer to my Posts and photos to get a better understanding of the lengths we are prepared to go over and above others to produce a building inspection report that is second to none!

A body corporate search by your solicitor is strongly recommended on any buildings with common title/property.

On completion of the inspection we will provide consultation (on site or over the phone) and if required, the most economical suggestions on extensions, renovation and/or rectification of defects found. Photos are taken of certain items for a better understanding also to show significance of problems and areas accessed.