Frequently Asked Questions

It is preferable, but not absolutely necessary, due to extensive use and number of photos taken throughout our inspection of problems also to show you proof of areas that were accessed. Even if you can be on site during the inspection, you cannot get on the roof with the inspector because of insurance, therefore photos are an important tool in bringing the problem to you and giving you a better understanding of the report also problems found. If the building inspection service does not want you there for the inspection, I would strongly recommend that you do not use them.
Definitely not ! When we work for the buyer, we are employed by the buyer, not anyone else. The outcome of the report is confidential and discussed with buyer only. This eliminates arguments from unqualified and biased people. It is up to you to make the decision whether to buy or not and without influence from people that have an interest in selling you the property. Remember that you are the one buying the property and have to live with the problems and expense of rectifying them, not anyone else.
 If necessary, to a limited degree only, and from a builder’s point of view only, not as a qualified person in areas of specialised knowledge. A qualified person in the specific field must be employed, if and when required.  
All areas of the property and buildings from top to bottom that were accessible without removing linings, furniture and stored items, or where safe to do so without endangering the life and well-being of the inspector; also without gaining access to private property areas.
Approximately an hour and a quarter or more on site, depending on the size and accessibility of the main buildings, other structures and amount of problems they may be identified.
Yes, in most circumstances common property areas are checked (without gaining access to private property also locked areas).
Yes in the majority of cases when safe to do so, even two storey buildings!  The majority of building inspectors claim that they can inspect the roof from the inside, don’t be conned and treated like a fool – no one can see through a roof (especially when building paper has been fitted below it). Some may also use health work and safety excuses not to do their job properly!
Usually within 24 hours, earlier in some circumstances when urgent.
Yes, but it is not used as an excuse for a problem also the problem is not understated because of its age.
No amount of text can fully explain the importance and severity of a problem and have the same impact as a photo. They bring the problem to you (especially roof problems). Help eliminate arguments. Cannot be manipulated, in the way text can be misinterpreted to suit someones needs. They don’t lie!

Photos tell the full story!


Transfer of Warranties.

Q: The agent told me that because the house is new it would not be necessary to have an inspection as the remainder of the warranties are transferable. Is that true?

A: Not necessarily! Check with the Queensland Building & Construction Commission (QBCC) ph 139 333, regarding the property location to see if there are any warranties that would be transferable to you.

New houses don’t require inspecting.

Q: Because I am buying a new house I was told it will not need an inspection. What do you think?

A: Only if you like taking considerable risks with your investment and money! New buildings can also have problems that can be difficult or not possible to rectify without major disruption to you and expense. Some new buildings have problems built into them for different reasons, eg poor design, price, inexperience and sometimes negligence.

Thermal Imaging Devices.

Q: Can I rely on results from a thermal imaging device?

A: Thermal imaging devices are handy as a tool to verify what the inspector would already know but must not be relied as the only means to determine a problem. They can be mislead the buyer into thinking there is nothing wrong, this can be a very costly mistake! Thermal Imaging devices have been designed to pick up temperature variations only! They are not an X-ray machine (as some unscrupulous people will try and lead you to believe).

Don’t take my word for it, do your own checking on the manufacturers sites and you will find nothing mentioned about seeing through walls nor guarantees they will pick up leaking, seepage, rising damp and termite damage (current or otherwise). If anyone states otherwise, demand a written guarantee from them!